Speaker/One Sheet Design

Speaker/One Sheet Design


A speaker sheet is a one page document (one or two-sided) explaining who you are, what you speak about, and why the event planner reading it should hire you. This document is the ultimate piece of marketing collateral to help promote your brand and allow others to see what you have to offer at a glance.


This one sheet design service includes:


  • One (1) One-page custom designed speaker sheet (PDF) with details to include:
    • Logo
    • Image
    • Biography
    • Brands/Features (logos)
    • Audience + Stats
    • Signature Talks/Offerings
    • Contact Information
  • Access link to edit final PDF for future editing


Turnaround Time for Deliverables: 1-2 weeks (Holidays and Weekends Not Included)


Modifications Included: Two (1)


*You can substitute any section of your choice by request only. All requested information/details/files will be required within 48 hours of booking service to avoid a $50 late fee. Due to the nature of this work, all sales are final.

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