About Us

Tot Spot Media is a full-service creative content agency for small business owners looking to stake their place in the digital space. We specialize in helping our clients brainstorm, create and develop original content that will capture their audience's attention at first sight.

Our Team



Natasha Weston

President + Chief Executive Officer

Natasha 'Tottie' Weston is serial entrepreneur, 3x bestselling author and digital content connoisseur. She is a sought after leader for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to learn her easy to understand approach on personal development, content creation and business. With her engaging personality and real life experiences, Natasha connects with her audience immediately and delivers content that they can understand and implement into their daily lives.


When hiring Tot Spot Media, you don't just get access to our immediate team, you get our entire network! We work alongside an extensive network of primarily female creatives to include: publicists, event planners, copywriters, photographers, makeup artists, and more. Insterested in joining our dynamic team? Email info@totspotmedia.com.

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